Jumpstart your information security career with InfoSec Career .Org

Jumpstart your information security career with InfoSec Career .Org

We guide prospective information security professionals in their career establishment and development through volunteer-powered training, mentoring, and networking opportunities.

Welcome to our InfoSec Career Community.

Looking for expert guidance for your information security career? Hundreds of dedicated infosec volunteers are waiting to mentor, educate, and connect with you right now.

Infosec Career .Org wants to be the foundation for the successful establishment and development of your cyber career through professional mentoring, certified security training, career assistance workshops, and cyber community connectivity activities.

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Cyber Career Community - Summer Intern Salary

Infosec Career .Org is a Texas nonprofit, and 501c3 (requested) organization helping people establish and develop cyber careers to bridge the cyber job gap.

We have hired our first summer intern, Barek Bentley, from the University of Texas at Dallas, to help us ramp up our efforts and stay on track.

If you truly care about helping these young minds get on this path to cyber success, a small donation can make a huge difference in our ability to continue to offer many successful programs.

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Infosec Career .Org Member Services

Building a community is about providing value to its members. For ISCO this value includes a mentoring program, free and highly discounted infosec training classes, career assistance workshops, engaging community events, networking opportunities, and much more.
Come learn about our incredible membership services inside.

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Information Security Events

List or find out about information security events in your city. 

The best way to find your fit, meet some peers, or learn something new is to attend one of the events in your local area.

If you know of an upcoming event, please list it within.

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