About InfoSec Careers

Our Vision

Infosec Career .Org has a vision to build a volunteer-powered information security career community to inspire, educate, and connect members globally.

We are attempting to facilitate a connection between organizations looking for cybersecurity professionals and individuals trying to fill an ever-growing need.

Our Mission

We guide prospective information security professionals in their career establishment and development through volunteer-powered training, mentoring, and networking opportunities.

Additionally, we are transforming recruiting practices back to a relationship-based model with hiring managers, in an attempt to replace the limited effectiveness of keyword searches and the resume dumping grounds.

Infosec Career .org is dedicated to building a cybersecurity community wherein members can learn about the different careers within information security from current professionals and subject matter experts.

This is a community non-profit focused on sharing information and bringing members together for professional growth and networking.  Our primary goal is to help members find rewarding careers within information security and to share each other’s information security experiences with the greater community.

There are 7 categories of cyber security functions as defined by the NICE cybersecurity workforce framework and we make an effort to bring awareness to our members regarding the each of those opportunities through our monthly Q&A panel events.

Volunteers are needed to join us at our monthly panels and discuss their current or previous careers.  These folks are truly appreciated and will be offered additional opportunities with the organization.

We are always on the lookup for other organizations helping to provide career or job assistance for cybersecurity professionals, including recruiting firms, military transition firms, and social programs.  We want to ask these groups to please reach out to getresults@infoseccareer.org to volunteer to support our events.

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