Member Services

  • Apprenticeship Program

    ISCO is working with local organizations to build and standardize apprenticeship programs to provide scholarship funds to leading MIS, CIS and Cyber students. These students will engage with these organizations as interns while still in school and in return for a set number of years of service to that organization after graduation. (Coming in the Fall of 2019)

  • Career Assistance Workshops

    ISCO career assistance volunteers work with other members to review and improve resumes, interview skills, and develop or improve professional social media profiles. Many of our members are still students or are early in their careers and can benefit greatly from this kind of assistance.

    • Resume Workshops
    • Interview Practice Workshops
    • LinkedIn Development Workshops

    Democon is a quarterly event that urges the local infosec community to participate in vendor-led demonstrations to broaden professional growth. Vendors prepare small lab environments and provide 3-6 demos of their product to small groups throughout the event day.

  • Technical Training

    ISCO offers free or highly reduced rates for industry-recognized certificate training programs to its members. These classes can occur online, through local colleges, or at special conferences or events. The goal is to provide the entire community access to instructor-led education that might otherwise be unaffordable or conflict with other life commitments.

  • Information Security Events Calendar

    Each chapter adds events to our central events calendar for all cyber events occurring in their areas. This way our members can actively engage with all of the meetups and events to build their network and strengthen their capabilities. It is our dedication to one another that inspires us to maintain this information for our members.

  • Internship Program

    Many organization have intern programs, giving them the opportunity to find the best potential employees to meet their ever-growing needs.  Potential interns often have many confusing and anxious moments trying to find the right fit for their career if they have not been properly guided.

    ISCO is working to bring a relationship-based model to hiring interns by promoting the interaction of hiring managers and prospective intern at our infosec events.  We also want to provide character and professional references for our members with whom we have had the opportunity to spend quality time.

  • Member Events

    ISCO holds at least one member event each month along with additional training classes, career assistance sessions, outreach events, and more. All in all, we strive to have at least 3 events per month in each chapter area. Social engagement is one of the pillars of success for our organization and we make every effort to bring members together.

  • Member Outreach

    ISCO was built for the purposes of bringing future and current information security professionals together into a value-driven, ever-evolving, volunteer-powered community. Our outreach leaders try to connect members of specific groups into the ISCO community through active outreach programs. Our current outreach focus includes garnering membership in ISCO for teens and young adults, diversity groups, military groups, university groups, economically-challenged communities, and finally driving our members to actively attend other infosec community group’s events.

  • Mentoring

    The mentor program is near and dear to the hearts of ISCO members. Within this program we make sure that each prospective infosec professional gets the individual attention they need with regard to an individual development plan to prepare for a particular career. Mentors are seasoned professionals with a real passion for helping develop the next generation of information security professionals. We recommend that every ISCO member have a mentor, whether inside or outside of the organization.

  • Professional Networking

    ISCO members may get more value from professional networking than any other service we can provide. The amazing individuals that join and support ISCO instill passion, confidence, and share opportunities to other members to build a stronger community for us all. Every monthly event has specially designated networking breakouts to get to know fellow members.

  • Tactical Security Solutions - Lab Securities

    SCO offers specialized training on products, technology, and other functional job skills to help build well-rounded security professionals. The TSS - Lab Series focuses on 2-8 hours of hands-on training over a series of 1-4 classes. This training is nearly always free of charge.

  • Tactical Security Solutions - Leadership Series

    The TSS - Leadership series delivers roundtable discussion events to local security leaders, encouraging discussion of their personal experiences with a particular security topic, such as end point protection or behavior analytics. Initially, the leaders will white-board the challenges each of them has experienced selecting, implementing, and supporting products for the topic at hand. Then a vendor, that has a solution for these challenges, will introduce their customers, to speak on their behalf, about how the customer solved some of the challenges with the vendor’s product.

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