Sponsors are very valuable to Infosec Career .Org.  We use sponsor funds to create, host, and market numerous events to existing and prospective members of our organization.

We are not just ANOTHER cybersecurity event organization that offers a once a month opportunity to hear something interesting about cyber.  We are an active volunteer-powered organization that provides 4 or more career establishment and development events per month per chapter, including resume building and interview skill development workshops, LinkedIn profile establishment workshops, technical labs training, industry certification training, and much more.

We are not looking for sponsors to sell a product.  We are not looking for sponsors who are just looking to find their next sale.   We are a community organization dedicated to finding and motivating the next generation of cyber security professionals and we need sponsors to help give back to the community.

This is an opportunity to build good-will, strong community relationships, and brand recognition with tomorrow’s cyber professionals.

There are currently four ways to contribute to Infosec Career .Org:

1. Annual Sponsor ($2000):

Have your company’s logo listed on our event slides, the banner hung in the event hall, and t-shirts for event staff highlighting your contribution to the community.

2. Event Sponsor ($500):

Speak at our monthly community event about your organization, its hiring needs, its intern needs, and its dedication to making a difference in our community.

3. Leadership Series Sponsor ($200 / attendee):

Vendors can bring up to 2 customers to present, on their behalf, solutions to a small roundtable of local cyber leaders. This group will whiteboard their challenges and then the vendor’s customer can share with the group how the product and vendor helped them overcome those challenges.

4. Student Scholarship ($250):

Sponsor a cyber certification class with Infosec Career .Org for a student. The student can be selected by the contributor, by Infosec Career .Org, or by any representative of the contributor.

Thank you for your contribution and thank you for making a difference in the lives of those we serve!

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